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Options & Efficiency in Sales & Marketing and Business Growth…

Many People; Directors & Business Owners etc. tell me that they don’t have time for Social Media Marketing. They are too busy in their business!!!

These people need to realise that when in business, you have to make choices and you have to make time for things that are important.

The way I see it is that you have two clear choices to make in marketing when looking to grow your business. You can either use traditional marketing and advertising that can get results (although these are dropping and are hard to measure) or you can do Social Media Marketing and other Digital Marketing activities!

Traditional Marketing & Advertising v Social Media Marketing & other Digital Marketing!

With traditional marketing and advertising you can pay for other people and advertisers, to put your business out there in front of potential customers and carry on with your business, but many of the traditional marketing and advertising methods (email marketing, newspaper and magazine advertising and Radio & TV Advertising etc.) are on the decline and can cost a lot to get working for you. They are also difficult to measure and analyse the results and the return on investment (roi) or return on time invested (roti) etc.

Also although you think you can spend the money and then sit back, you often have to spend a lot of time with the advertisers, getting your marketing and advertising correct, if you want to get better results from your efforts!

Alternatively you can build your own targeted audience by using Social Media Marketing (SMM) and other forms of Digital Marketing (DM)!

I feel that SMM and other forms of DM are easier and more cost effective to set up, easier to measure and better in the long run, than many of the traditional methods of marketing and advertising available. One of the main reasons for this is that with traditional methods there is usually a high cost to set up and get going and the audience always remains that of the advertiser, meaning that you are reliant on them and there costs in order to continuously get leads and customers, from their activity.

However with Social Media Marketing and other Digital marketing, its a lower cost (if any) to set up and you can build your own audience, who in the long term can be free to reach and interact with, giving you a business that is less reliant on others, and more profitable.

Time efficiency and roi etc.

As I said earlier, many businesses do not have the time for SMM and DM etc. but that is often as they are doing things inefficiently. They often have multiple social media accounts that they find difficult to manage and they often don’t know what to post about. This can cause them to struggle to see the benefits, when their audience is so low, that they don’t see any results.

When you have lots of social media channels and you need to share content out amongst the different channels, then why not use a social media sharing platform like Buffer or Hootsuit that can manage and share to multiple social media accounts at once, saving lots of time?

Also when thinking about what to post, why not implement new habits and trends in your business of recording your business throughout the day of all the great things that happen (new customers, case studies, testimonials, new products, offers, sales, events etc.) and share this content on your various platforms for others to gain a broader understanding of what you do and how you do it etc. Also post, re-use and re-share adverts, info graphics and videos etc.

Content Marketing and Social Sharing via Blogging

I have a method of social media sharing via a blogging Platform that allows you to not only manage and keep your social media up to date with regular content, but also give you assistance with becoming a “key person of influence” in your industry as well as gaining more traffic and customers from Google and other search engines etc.

That’s the reason I blog so much, especially via website blogs as you can also massively improve your website ranking (seo) and keyword recognition, by sharing lots of content via the blog!

Similar to SMM, many businesses tell me that they don’t have time to blog. I see this online, all the time, with the average blog having just one post a week or even worse one a month or less added to it.

As I look to build my influence, improve my page rankings and seo and manage my social media, all on a daily basis, and blogging managers to do this all at the same time, then I say, “I don’t have the time not to blog”!

In order to get the influence, search engine and seo benefits out of a blog you ideally need to be blogging about 20 posts per month. That is just one per working day and the great thing with blogging is that you can preschedule your posts to go out when you’re going to be busy and unable to post!

I can help with blogging training and blog posting services if this is too much for you to manage by yourself.

I hope you find this post of use and feel free to contact me should you like to discuss anything further – 07960 872549 |

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